Emotional Blackmail in Relationships

January 3rd 2024 | by

Emotional blackmail is defined as the manipulation of someone using their own emotions and feelings. This happens when someone tries to use your emotions that you have for them against...

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Blackmail: A Criminal Act

December 27th 2023 | by

Blackmail, commonly known as extortion, is a crime under federal law and every state law. According to Eisner Gorin  LLP, blackmail and extortion is the “illegal conduct of demanding money...

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Blackmail: How It Works

December 18th 2023 | by

Blackmail has long been a pervasive problem in our society, with its roots tracing back to ancient civilizations. In ancient Rome, tabulae, a form of blackmail, was common. With the...

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Life is complicated…

December 17th 2023 | by

But sometimes, complications must take place for things to sort themselves out. When a person demands payment in exchange for not disclosing damaging or embarrassing information, it's known as blackmail....

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What a Mess Blackmail by Mark Levy