Life is complicated…

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But sometimes, complications must take place for things to sort themselves out.

When a person demands payment in exchange for not disclosing damaging or embarrassing information, it’s known as blackmail. Blackmail is the practice of obtaining something from someone—usually money—by using their confidential information. Coercing someone is illegal. Dangers can include blackmail. Regardless of the veracity of the information provided, blackmail is illegal. Blackmail is a crime that primarily involves a perpetrator threatening to divulge information in order to get money, property, or services from a victim.

What a Mess: Blackmail is a story that perfectly illustrates blackmail and how it could potentially ruin relationships among friends and even family. Especially for people that hold rank or position in the military. This is what happened to Captain Jim Clinton, a respected man in uniform, he has a secret that he thinks no one knows: he is having an affair with his best friend’s wife. He thought no one knew until Matt came to his house to confront him. And blackmails him for sex. Matt is his best friend’s 18-year-old son—also the son of his mistress. And when he thinks he could fix the situation, he finds that he doesn’t want to.

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About the Author

Author Mark Levy is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a college graduate, an insurance agent, and a first-degree black belt in kenpo karate. He has lived a full life. He is now starting his newest career as a novelist. All the jobs he has held have been a treasure trove of stories. Not to mention that he has quite a pretty active imagination that he can pull scenarios from. He hopes for his readers to find pleasure in his work of art.

By Mark Levy

Paperback: $34.99 | ISBN-13: 9798891003033
EBook: $4.99 | ISBN-13: 9798891003040
Publication Date: October 2023 | Pages: 676

What a Mess Blackmail by Mark Levy